Friday, December 12, 2014


*turns on flashlight and shines it in face* 
It has been many moons since the last post, but now, they have returned. *turns flashlight off*
The Authors have returned.
Boom boom
"are we going to survive?"
boom boom. 
wait what? Psssh close the curtain.
*jerks curtain closed*
Who will live? 
*opens curtain again* 
No no no no, there will be no serious killing in this novel.
*glares daggers at bright author side.* 
You ruined my moment. Just you wait, just you watch.
*whacks dark side* Go eat your cookies somewhere else.

Hullo! I'm back, You did not know this, I am positive you didn't, this novel that you have read three chapters of is actually NOT the first book! No no no no! It is the second novel.
And today, I would like to introduce the one and only KATHRYN LILL of JEWELL. 
This is the person who caused it all, errrm, well, you've not got that far in the book yet. Whatevs. 

What does she wear?
Woo-hoo picture time!
This is what she would've worn before she became a lady.

Lush colours when she was at court
then something happened. Du-du-duuuun
and she wore clothing like this.
This is exactly what she looks like. :)

What do her closest friends see that no one else can?
Huummmmm, often when she is out and about she wears this sort of...snobby air, or business-like. 
but those who know her know she is prone to be quiet and thoughtful. She can turn it around though too and be a completely silly lass playful and fun. 

What do her enemies see?a person who thinks she's got it together. They know that she doesn't. Her enemies are actually the reason why she is made a lady.
What would be her weapon of choice?
This one's diffi. I don't usually let her have weapons.
*smile* she's scary with them sometimes.
How is she built?
Tall, like most other Jewellians, but not tall. she's got small shoulders and feet that are wanting to be slightly too big for her.
What is her moral code?
I think it's something simple like, be nice if you are going to live here. LOL hardly a moral code.  
What are her moods like?
She usually is in complete desire to be cheery, but her circumstances don't often allow for it. She get's angry slowly, she feels helpless before she feels angry, and when she gets angry. *gulps*
That's why i don't let her have a weapon.
How does she show love?
Going out of her way to be with that someone she cares for.
Why doesn't she do things?
Things, like....hmmm, things... fear, or hopelessness which is a lot like fear.
What is her backstory?
Welcome to Birdsong! *dragon fire spewed all over megaphone, it melted*
Ahem, Once upon a time there was peace between the Jewellians and the Dragons, then *boom boom* He *boom boom* Took *boom* Over *loud rushing sound as camera flies over landscape.* 
As a child Kathryn did not know the meaning of peace, things would be quiet for a time, sure, but there was always something waiting around the corner to attack, or so it felt. Things were tense. 
Her mother and father died when she was little, her father of illness and her mother of *gulps* dwagons. 
Does she think inside herself more than she talks out loud to her friends? (More importantly, does she actually have friends?)
She's often prone to speak what's troubling her, as long as she can trust the person she's talking to. Like Josiah, she trusts him.
Is there something she is afraid of?
Death before things are put right.
Does she write, dream, dance, or sing?
Of course. She's a girl. Duuuuh, this novel is actually written from her point of few, she's writing it to keep all her memories as she gets older, no one believes her of course, but she writes it anyway.
There are a few dances and balls at Castle Elli throughout her time in Jewell, she attended them happily.What is her favorite book?
Now seeing as this is a different world...things are different. There are not many readers, there are bards and story-weavers, and those who are scholarly who enjoy burying their heads in historical documents.
Who is someone that inspires her?
Jem, his utter trust in his leader just leaves her in awe, in a sort of i wish i was like that kinda way.
How old is she?
uuuuhhhh, when she's at court i think she was 100-something.
What does she do with her spare time?
wander halls and visit the royal city Dumon, or sometimes go calling on friends.

Does she have any siblings? How many? Where does she fit in?
She was the only child of Christopher and Kathleen Lill
Does she have a 'life verse' and if so what is it?

let's try.... Broken ones can become blessed ones?

What type of laugh does she have?
Loud and shrill, if there were to be tons of snow everywhere....avalanche! don't make a  joke. 

What is her family like?
She grew up with many different people, but the family she calls "her family" are the Childs, Mr and Mrs Child have a son and a daughter, Andrew is oldest then Emmalyn. They're kind people who are prone to make a joke of mistakes and problems.
Is she a Christian?
Now this is a different world from Earth, however, something happens and i do believe she becomes one. or, this is really confusing.
Where is she from?
Birdsong Village in Jewell.
Any enemies?

*smiles* Yeaaah. two seriously serious enemies. 
What kinds of things get on her nerves?
Bossy people, the ignorance of the royal court of how things are run in villages.
Is she independent, or needs others to help out?
Yes. baha. She needs help often, she does not enjoy speaking out she needs friends who can help.
What is her biggest secret?
Eww, errrm, errrm, she has a lot of them. read and find out! ;P
Has she ever been in love?
A strange sort of love, if you will, she's more crushed than fallen in love. felt duty bound towards love, like she didn't really ever think about it much other than spinning fantasies.
Does she have a specific theme song?
*rubs hands together gleefully.* 
Let us look. *clicks to youtube.
How about Here Comes Santa Claus
*shakes head* no no no no....
i don't listen to songs with words.
Seriously, I have Soundtracks, Classical, Opera, Frozen, and Christmas. and maybe the occasional Phantom of The Opera or Les Mis,
So, soundtrack wise usually the first thing i turn to when writing is...First song
It's just so inspiring! haha
and this
Kathryn's song is possibly like this. ♥ Gah this song. 

Well there ya have it!
You probably still are not sure why I posted this here, but ya know, I had fun. So
We're back. =D